Violence against Muslims down

Less than a month after the slaughter of 13 Armed Forces personnel at an American base by an American born and trained Muslim psychiatrist who allegedly yelled "Allah Akbar" (Arabic for god is great) as he conducted his personal massacre, eight years after 19 Muslims deliberately hijacked and crashed four planes killing 3000 Americans, and months after a Muslim allegedly severely vandalized numerous synagogues and other Jewish institutions in Chicag0 -  Eric Bradley of the Cincinnati Enquirer sums up the extent of the feared American backlash against MuslimsHate crimes against Muslims decreaseAnother example of American tolerance; our respect for diversity shines through, one might think, thus easing American Muslims' fear of a backlash--and worse. But no! After all the horror imposed on the country, on the world by their co religionists, American Muslims, through one of their major organizations, have concluded that they are the victims. civil rights-related...(Read Full Post)