The wonderful, magical, make believe world of Paul Krugman

No one should be surprised by the ClimateGate emails about suppressing critics and inventing data because that's just how academics talk to one another.  That's the take from Nobel Prize winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.  On ABC's "This Week " he denied the existence of a "smoking gun."  All those e-mails -- people have never seen what academic discussion looks like. There's not a single smoking gun in there. There's nothing in there. And the travesty is that people are not able to explain why the fact that 1998 was a very warm year doesn't actually mean that global warming has stopped. I mean, that's loose wording. Right? Everything is about -- we're really in the same situation as if there was one extremely warm day in April. And then people are saying, well, you see, May is cooler than April, there's no trend here. And that's what -- the travesty is how hard it has been to explain why that's...(Read Full Post)