The left embraces 'Avatar'

Anyone who thinks I may have overstated the left-wing message in the movie "Avatar," which grossed another $75 million over the Christmas weekend, should read the column by David Swanson posted at the "progressive" website . Among other things, he writes, The Na'vi people of "Avatar" are very explicitly Iraqis facing "shock and awe," as well as Native Americans with bows and arrows on horseback. The "bad guys" in the battle scenes are U.S. mercenaries, essentially the U.S. military, and the movie allows us to see them, very much as they are right now in 177 real nations around the world, through the eyes of their victims.Imagine if a tenth of the people who now sympathize with these bony blue beings were to take three hours to read a book or watch a movie about the people of Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan or Yemen or Iran. Our real planet would then be a different world.When I saw "Avatar" in a packed 3-D...(Read Full Post)