Christmas, 2009

Christmas, 2009 Twas a year after voting and all through the land, there's weeping & wailing & wringing of hand. The change that he promised, the change that we got, are really quite different, and by a whole lot. The people have taken as much as they can, and there's a few things they would say to The Man. Apologies rampant to those far abroad? Rights dear and precious for those in jihad? Of bowing and scraping we've had quite enough. And to those who would harm us, it's time to get tough. The planet is warming, and this you must fix? Plus throwing our health care into the mix? Jetting and spending and parties all night? Busting our budgets with no end in sight? Your lack of good judgment is making us choke. Be done with this conduct, the exchequer's broke. Time to focus your brain on the matters at hand and be done with those speeches that sound really grand. Despite your contentment with all of your acts, you need to pay heed to some important facts. ...(Read Full Post)