Some polling indices of which you may be unfamiliar

There are many interesting conclusions one can reach from recent Rasmussen Daily Tracking Polls -- including the massive spreads now defined by the two latest indices—the “Empty Tent Index” and “Post Racial Index.” The Empty Tent index is constructed to demonstrate the massive vote loss the McCain Campaign and other “big tent” Republicans suffered thanks to the strategy to “reach across the aisle” and not go after McCain’s “honorable opponent” and so on.  We could call this the “Colin Powell Impact Index” or the “David Brooks Crease in the Pants” index, but we will stick with “Empty Tent” index for short. This index is constructed by contrasting how the McCain Campaign performed with independents in the 2008 election – they lost them by 21 points – with how independents now view Obama since they have an understanding of who he is.  According to...(Read Full Post)