Kentucky census worker not murdered by crazy right wingers

Here is how CBS News reported, in September, on the death of a census worker in Kentucky.     “Terror in Kentucky: Census Worker's Murder.  Body Found Naked, Hanging From Tree in Cemetery; Had Been Gagged, Duct Taped, 'Fed' Scrawled on Chest.."'He was murdered,’ Weaver said. ‘There's no doubt.’ ... I said, 'Bill you be careful when you go over to eastern Kentucky to do your census work. Some of the people over there may not understand that you're just collecting statistics,' friend Gilbert Acciardo told CBS News..“Although anti-government sentiment was one possibility in the death, some in law enforcement also cited the prevalence of drug activity in the area - including meth labs and marijuana fields - although they had no reason to believe there was a link to Sparkman's death.”   So who did it?  Anti-government terrorists? Meth-crazed druggies?  Kentucky moonshiners?  Those Deliverance...(Read Full Post)