The money man behind attacks on Palin (with correction)

Meet Stewart A, Resnick: Vicious Pistachio Man. He's the billionaire Lefty Californian who heads Rolls International, parent company of: Teleflora, the largest flower delivery service in the world.FIJI bottled waterPOM pomegranate products.Paramount citrus and nuts.Suterra pest control items.Neptune Pacific Line global shipping companyIn-house advertising agency Fire Station...:He's behind the attacks on Sarah Palin, including an utterly tasteless ad featuring Levi Johnson, designed ostensibly to sell Paramount's pistachios, but more obviously to hurt Sarah and her family.I am not citing to the video of the disgusting and vicious ad featuring one of America's most stupid cads because that would only reward this vile and tasteless campaign, but I have listed the companies he's connected with in case you choose not to further fatten the Resnick's coffers.h/t:Patrick R. SullivanCorrection: The item originally mentioned Sunkist Growers as a holding of Rolls in error....(Read Full Post)