Sober Realities

I chanced to speak briefly with a woman today in the supermarket, and the conversation turned spontaneously to the state of the nation’s economy. She wasn’t “dressed to the nines” by any means, but looked like one of those people who are comfortable “dressing down” on purpose, if you know what I mean.While the two of us were standing at the water Purolator together, she made a startling statement. She said that she thought the current recession is a good thing, but she didn’t offer to elaborate on that assertion. Since she looked to me more like a Barbara Boxer liberal than an Ayn Rand self-reliant capitalist, I replied that compassion doesn’t mean very much when people lack the dignity of a job, and tens of millions of Americans are out of work and need to be given jobs.In a casual but sincere voice, she said, “Why do they need to be given jobs? Why don’t they go out and make their own jobs?” To that I replied,...(Read Full Post)