Kevin Jennings Vision of Public Education has linked to a YouTube audio clip where Obama’s Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings mocks the idea of prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality in public schools by saying heterosexual promotion already exists.In a speech in 2000 Jennings said:First of all, we all know what’s really promoted in our schools: Heterosexuality is promoted in our schools. Every time kids read Romeo and Juliet or they’re encouraged to go to the prom or whatever is it is, kids are aggressively recruited to be heterosexual in this country. And you know what? It doesn’t work. The reality is that if schools could affect your sexual orientation there would have been no gay people in the first place. But there [are] still people out there who believe that myth, because you know what? It’s easy to panic people if you make them think that they’re after you’re kids.I’m not sure Romeo and Juliet as a good example of heterosexual promotion. I remember reading...(Read Full Post)