Children of a Lesser God

While UK multiculturalism scrambles to appease Islamic sensibilities, Christian sensibilities are being appropriated and mocked in London.Opening earlier this week at the magnificent former Holy Trinity Church designed by Sir John Sloane at One Marylebone in central London, The Age of the Marvellous intends to re-create the sense of awe and wonder created by the Cabinets of Curiosities popular in the late Renaissance from 1550-1700.  Precursors to museums, the Renaissance cabinets were simply rooms meant to display the learned abilities and worldliness of the royalty and wealthy who assembled them. Wikipedia describes them:"These seventeenth-century cabinets were filled with preserved animals, horns, tusks, skeletons,(and) minerals, as well as other types of equally fascinating man-made objects: sculptures wondrously old, wondrously fine or wondrously small; clockwork automata; ethnographic specimens from exotic locations. Often they would contain a mix of...(Read Full Post)