Uproar over illegal charged with vehicular homicide in Texas

Earlier this month, residents in Austin, Texas, where outraged to learn that a drunken illegal immigrant from Honduras -- a 23-year-old with three previous DWI arrests -- was charged with murder after ramming his SUV into a car driven by a business consultant visiting Austin.Robert Benn, a 64-year-old Tennessean, was driving his rented Dodge Charger from Austin's airport to his hotel when he was rammed by a Lincoln Navigator driven by Jaime Alvarado. Alvarado ran a red light and hit Benn's car while being chased by police who suspected him of drunken driving.Benn, ironically, had planned on a short visit to Austin. Just hours earlier, his third grandchild had just been born, so he was eager to return home for the joyous occasion.Why was Alvarado -- who'd previously been deported to Honduras - able to snub his nose at the law and keep driving despite three previous DWI arrests? It's a question many in Austin have been asking.Today's Austin American-Statesman provides some...(Read Full Post)