Obama's Scarlet Letter

The scarlet letter, of course, was "A," the letter Hester Prynne, the unfortunate protagonist of Hawthorne's book of the same name was forced to wear, branding her as an adulteress.  But in American politics, there's another "A," and this "A" stands for "adults."As Rick Moran writes elsewhere on the site today, President Obama's Zogby Interactive approval rating hits a new low, 45%.  This is Obama's lowest showing to date not just on Zogby, but in any poll.But there's another, perhaps bigger story flying under the radar if one looks at RealClearPolitics' aggregation of the several recent presidential polls.  Here are the numbers:President Obama Job ApprovalPolling DataPollDateSampleApproveDisapproveSpreadRCP Average8/11 - 8/19--52.041.8+10.2ABC News/Wash Post8/13 - 8/171,001 A57.040.0+17.0Gallup8/17 - 8/191,547 A51.042.0+9.0Rasmussen Reports8/17 - 8/191,500 LV50.050.0TieNBC News8/15 - 8/17805 A51.040.0+11.0Pew Research8/11 -...(Read Full Post)