Axelrod, Axelrod, and the Colorado Model

David Axelrod was transformed from Barack Obama's campaign strategist to his senior policy advisor. Did the fact that a master of gritty politics, well-placed leaks, underhanded so-called Astroturf groups (fake "grassroots" citizens groups that are actually formed and funded by powerful interest groups), peddler of false stories elicit any commentary from the commetariat? No. Does the fact that he - not Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden - has been all over the airwaves articulating the administration's policies, cause any concern considering that he was able to bypass the Senate confirmation process despite clearly serving in a very powerful executive role?  Does it concern anyone that a man who knows how to run campaigns has been put in such a powerful position to help run America-and the world, for that matter? No and no.. Does the fact that he occupies the office closest to the Oval Office raise eyebrows? No. But all these are signs that Barack Obama's goal from Day One...(Read Full Post)