Identity Politics and the Sotomayor nomination

Judge Sotomayor's grammar is as suspect as some of her legal analysis. In Spanish nouns are either feminine or masculine.   Latina is a feminine noun in Spanish.   In English, It is only proper to use a foreign feminine noun as a modifier for a gender neutral noun.  Thus one can properly be a Hispanic woman or even the first Latina Justice but to be a Latina woman is merely to be silly in two languages.One of the minor social problems of identity politics is keeping track of those preferred labels du jour.  Whoever it is that sets these arbitrary and ever shifting standards has decided that Latino/Latina is in and Hispanic out.  Pity the poor liberal who has to always ask are they black this year, or should I call them African American?  Gay or transgendered? The new ABC animated series the Goodes, satirized the liberals' dilemma in...(Read Full Post)