After reading this, you may actually feel sorry for New Yorkers

We've all heard of the draconian tax increases that Governor David Paterson has imposed on the "rich" in New York. But what you haven't heard is what the ultra-liberal legislature is about to do.And unless Republicans can get their act together and start challenging Democrats at every level of government, programs like this will be coming to a statehouse near you.Jacob Gershman in the New York Post lists some of the incredible, radical changes that the liberals in New York plan on sneaking through the last few days of the session: A bill that would force businesses with three or more employees to pay equal wages for "equivalent" work. (That's not the same as equal work, for which equal pay has been mandated by federal law since 1963.) The jobs could be as different as a truck driver and a secretary, but the pay would have to be the same if they had a similar "composite of skills, effort, responsibility and working conditions." This vague...(Read Full Post)