The First White House Seder

Barack Obama will become the first U.S. president on Thursday evening to host a White House Seder.To bring the Haggadah in conformity with the age of Obama, here's a memo to the President on how to spin potentially embarrassing passages:--"This year we are here; next year we shall be in the land of Israel."    Add the following:  "....which we are prepared to share with our friendly Palestinian neighbors."--"In every generation there are those who rise against us to annihilate us."  Add the following:  ''...but fear not as long as I am in the White House."--"And the Egyptians did evil unto us, and tormented us, and laid hard labor upon us."  Add the following:  "...but Egypt made up for it by signing a peace treaty with Israel."--"The Egyptians received plagues, including hail, frogs, locusts, vermin..."   Add the following:  "....a prophetic warning about the...(Read Full Post)