Pinch faces his shareholders

Ira Stoll describes the hell Pinch Sulzberger faced this morning at the New York Times Company annual shareholders meeting in Commentary's Contentions blog. Just some of the questions Stoll recounts:One shareholder pressed the company's chairman, Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., about Roger Cohen's opinion columns presenting a rosy view of Iran and portraying Israel as a menace. When the shareholder asked why the Cohen columns hadn't been balanced by those offering an alternative point of view, Sulzberger replied that he would raise the issue with the editorial page editor. Another shareholder offered some suggestions on how the newspaper could cut costs, noting that the restaurant critic did not need to fly to Texas to review a "pork restaurant" that most of the paper's readers would never eat at, and that the fashion critic could have interviewed Oscar de la Renta here in New York rather than flying to de la Renta's vacation home in the Dominican Republic. When questioned about...(Read Full Post)