Transparency, Or a Case of The Invisible Man?

I have a very intelligent and well educated friend who seems to be suffering from H.I.S. (Head In Sand) syndrome when it comes to Obama. I have been for sometime providing her with the proof of Obama’s duplicity between his words and his deeds as evidenced by his unsavory rise up the ladder of Chicago politics and the Illinois Combine as described by John Kass of The Chicago Tribune  Despite my providing many examples, she remains steadfastly wedded to the “image” of Obama that was sold to the public by David Axelrod & Co. There are several instances of this on F.I.S.A., on accepting public campaign financing, Bi-Partisanship and most egregiously his claim of transparency . Others have already covered Obama’s unwillingness to provide the documentation of his past, such as any of his college or Illinois State Senate records. And much has been made of his reneging on the "sunshine before signing" pledge.  But his latest antic may be...(Read Full Post)