What Obama's Proposed Intelligence Chief is Teaching Your Children

Do you know that when the British explorers came to the "New World" they met "Iroquois and Algonquin chiefs with names like Abdul-Rahim and Abdallah Ibn Malik?" That is just one of the alleged facts in the textbook "Arab World Studies Notebook," published by Middle East Policy Council (MPEC). The President of the organization, Chas Freeman Jr. has had his name "floated" in the media as President Obama's selection for Chairman of the National Intelligence Council. The Council reports that it strives to fulfill its objectives through three major activities: Middle East Policy - a quarterly journal of political, economic and social analysis. Workshops for high school teachers - daylong training sessions to build a fact-based foundation for educating America's youth about the Arab world and Islam A Capitol Hill Conference Series - forums for members of Congress, their staffs, federal government officials, foreign policy experts and the media.This...(Read Full Post)