Utopia (a poem)

Did our Capitalism fail? No! It was UtopiaThat has weaned us from the latest grand Cornucopia.The Demos tried to make it better than the best. So now we shall have to suffer more than all the rest.What has made them think that all men yearnTo live on something they do not earn?Then it must have been those Ivy LeaguesThat turned strong men into twisted twigs.You can plainly see the one great mystery.They failed to teach them any history.All about Governor Bradford they did not readAnd they lacked the good practical sense to heed,“Someone must work for all cannot be a politicianAnd showcase the lifestyle of a grand old patrician.”So sit on the porch and don’t make no fuss Cause the Demorats are gonna take care of us.But hold on there - you just cannot wait!We must do something to seal our fate.Do not depend on either Harvard or Yale.For what might come from them is going to fail.Go find yourself some old country bankers.You know the kind that can think and hankersTo...(Read Full Post)