Iran destroys Sufi holy site

The mullahs running Iran will tolerate no religious doctrine other than their own. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports:A house of worship of the Gonabadi dervishes in Isfahan has reportedly been destroyed by the Iranian authorities. The reason for the destruction -- which reportedly took place shortly after midnight on February 18 -- is not clear, but it comes amid growing pressure on dervishes, who practice the Sufi tradition of Islam, and other religious minorities in Iran. The dervish house of worship, or hosseinieh, was located next to the tomb of the great poet and dervish Naser Ali at the historical Takht-e Foulad cemetery, where a number of respected Iranian figures are buried. ...Sufis in Isfahan and elsewhere in Iran see the raid as just one part of a campaign by conservatives against the Gonabadi dervishes. The crackdown has included arrests, court summons, and accusations in the media that Sufism is a deviation from true Islam.A Sufi house of worship was demolished in...(Read Full Post)