Intolerance at the Oscars

While Slumdog Millionaire may have won best picture last night at the Academy Awards, the award for most drama goes to the movie Milk. It's no surprise that the film chronicling the rise of San Francisco politician Harvey Milk was honored by Hollywood this evening. Not only was it an engaging political drama, but Hollywood holds a strong political stake in advancing the gay agenda.Sean Penn, the righteous fighting liberal, followed the example of previous leftist award winners by making a preachy acceptance speech after winning Best Actor, this time chastising those who voted Yes on California's recent Proposition 8. That proposition, intended to maintain the traditional view of marriage, was described by Penn as "the marriage ban."Such rhetoric, while securing Penn's prominence as a darling of Castro Street, is likely to do more harm than good for the gay and lesbian community and hinder not enhance future movie-ticket sales for Milk.As Penn should well know, waving a...(Read Full Post)