A Tale of Two Storms, or Let them eat wagyu

A massive storm slams into the United States, threatening to "be hazardous to our citizenry," yet, the President of the United States chides his fellow citizens to show some "flinty" tougness "When it comes to the weather."   The storm kills dozens of people and endangers the lives and safety of hundreds of thousands of others; meanwhile the President of the United States hosts an exclusive cocktail party and fetes his A-list guests with chicken curry  and wagyu steak,  a Japanese delicacy prized for its tenderness. "It also costs a bundle -- as much as $100 a pound for choice cuts," according to the Scripps News Service.While up to 1.3 million Americans shiver without power, endangering the well-being--even the lives--of the elderly, the young, and the ill, the president cranks up his own thermostat.  "He's from Hawaii, O.K.?" according to Obama adviser, David Axelrod.  "He likes...(Read Full Post)