Wealthy leftists spread their influence while despising those they manipulate

Evidence has been found of the contempt with which the elite left regards those whom they manipulate to gain power for themselves and their puppets.  A network of wealthy leftists using their money to support organizations like Media Matters and MoveOn has been operating for some time at the national level. Names like George Soros, Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance, and Herbert and Marion Sandler are familiar to many AT readers. On the state level, similar networks operate. In Colorado, a remarkable story in the Denver Post described one such network. Jessica Fender wrote:Colorado's best-known progressive donors are advancing their political and ideological agenda through a web of advocacy and nonprofit groups, many of which claim nonpartisanship and receive tax exemptions. The 37 organizations that collectively receive millions at the direction of the Colorado Democracy Alliance (CoDA) serve unique purposes in the progressive power brokers' toolbox. They build voting blocs,...(Read Full Post)