Live blogging the presidential debate

Join us for instant reactions to the town hall forum meeting of Barack Obama and John McCain.Clarice Feldman:Rules of the gameTom Brokow has selected 14 questions from the 80 "uncommitted" voters who constitute the audience and 6 from the 6 million questions submitted over the internet.In other words, he really is asking the questions and this is so much choreography for dummies.Chris Wallace who's explained this format to us says he knows what order these questions will be asked and to whom. It isn't clear if the candidates know this.As for the uncommitted voters, pardon my jaundiced eye but I doubt any informed person could be truly neutral at this point.Thomas Lifson:Obama: Crisis is the "final verdict" on the last 8 years. Clever. Canned.McCain: "You go to the heart of America's worries." Bring heart into it. He comes off much warmer than BO.He has a plan to fix America's problems Obama wants to talk about issues, and apparently McCain is ngoign to...(Read Full Post)