Children told to record parents' 'climate crimes'

A British power company named npower (they actually use the cutesy colors) is urging children to spy on their parents and record their "climate crimes" in a "challenge diary." Coming on the heels of the infamous child-exploitation video of little children singing the praises of Dear Leader Obama, the world is starting to get seriously creepy. Of course, this is only a utility, not the actual state itself, and nobody is suggesting parents be hauled off to concentration camps if they secretly eat more than their ration of meat, but environmental hysteria is only getting started. The attraction of certain parties to the tools of totalitarianism is disturbing, to say the least. Jonah Goldberg's phrase "Liberal Fascism" becomes more relevant with each passing day.Meanwhile, some UK officials advise avoiding locks, so as to let thieves have their way with the least possible damage to property. The bloody twentieth century may look like the good old days if this...(Read Full Post)