New York Post Endorses McCain for President

The first major (or possibly the first) paper to endorse a President, the New York Post comes out for John McCain. This was a paper that had endorsed Barack Obama in the Democratic primary over home state Senator Hillary Clinton. The paper is also owned by News Corporation, whose founder Rupert Murdoch has been of late cozying up to Barack Obama. The post gets ahead of its rivals in taking a stand. The Post says:McCain has been in Washington for many years now, but he is not of Washington. He knows where the levers of power are located - and how to manipulate them - but he is not controlled by them. There are many reasons to support the McCain-Palin ticket. Here are but a few: * National security: The differences between McCain and Obama are especially stark. McCain says 9/11 represented a two-decade "failure . . . to respond to . . . a [growing] global terror network." He understood that Iraq is a critical front in the war on terror - and he urged perseverance even in...(Read Full Post)