Chicago Mayor Daley: 'There's no machine'

Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley is quoted as saying so in Thrusday's Chicago Sun-Times ""Chicago and the metropolitan area is very Democratic and the state is. [But] there's no machine. I thought it was laughable."The Obama campaign doesn't want the public to think that Barack Obama has ties to the Daley machine, and there is a good reason. The image of a pol working his way up the Daley Machine to the presidency hardly firs the carefully constructed image of reform, hope and change.As to the current status of the Daley Machine, let's consult Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown "No, it's too much. Somebody needs to tell him. Somebody needs to tell Bill Daley "no." He has no business running for governor of Illinois, not as long as brother Rich is mayor of Chicago and brother John is finance chairman of the Cook County Board.No family should control that much political power."In her speech at the Democratic Convention did Michelle Obama mention that her...(Read Full Post)