Let Obama's weaseling begin -- the media will cover him

Barack Obama seems to have realized that he dug himself a hole when he promised meetings with no preconditions with Ahmedinejad and other tyrants in the first year of his presidency, during a CNN debate last summer. He now is qualifying his blanket statement. Reuters reports:   LAS VEGAS - Barack Obama is distancing himself from expectations he would meet Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and taking a more cautious stand on talking to other U.S. adversaries.With criticism from Republicans turning harsher as Obama moves closer to winning the Democratic nomination battle against rival Hillary Clinton, the Illinois senator has shifted -- but not abandoned -- his position.That's artful. He has changed his position, but it really isn't that big a change, so he hasn't really "abandoned" it. For people who don't pay close attention, maybe that is persuasive. Unfortunately, that describes most voters. Once again the MSM is going to bat for Obama.Reuters lets an...(Read Full Post)