A hero's tale

Whatever else one may think of his politics, only seriously deranged people fail to credit John McCain with heroism. The son and grandson of prominent Admirals, John McCain's refusal to leave behind his fellow inmates in the Hanoi Hilton reflects a glorious strain of fidelity to duty and to the nation that leaves lesser beings like me in awe. Part of that heroic character is an aversion to bragging or wallowing in self pity.  John McCain never uses his captivity to score political points, just as he avoids bragging about his two sons serving in active duty in hazardous theatres of war. The contrast with John Kerry could not be greater.But John McCain's modesty about himself does not prevent others from telling what they know about him. Fox News interviewed his cell-mate at the Hanoi Hilton, George "Bud" Day, himself the most decorated service man since Douglas McArthur. Read the interview here. Hat tip: Paul Shlichta(Read Full Post)