Polls seem to show Obama Closing in PA

Another major poll out today shows Barack Obama closing to within 3 points of Hillary Clinton in the Pennyslvania primary race:For the third week in a row Public Policy Polling’s survey of likely voters in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary shows a statistical tie between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama has 45% to Clinton’s 42% in this week’s survey. Clinton led 46-43 a week ago and Obama was up 45-43 two weeks ago. Obama’s increase in support since last week comes from small gains across the board. He’s cut Clinton’s margin with white voters, expanded his advantage with black voters, reduced Clinton’s lead with women, and increased his percentage of the male vote. “PPP has been in the field now in both Pennsylvania and North Carolina since Obama’s ‘bitter’ remarks and has seen no ill effects for Barack Obama,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “It doesn’t appear the...(Read Full Post)