Why Stake Everything On Iraq?

A few days ago, John McCain remarked to reporters that to win the upcoming election, he must convince the American people that the current strategy in Iraq is succeeding.  If he can't do this, he admitted, "then I lose.  I lose."  While McCain quickly backed away from his stark political analysis, he conceded that the war "will be a significant factor in how the American people judge my candidacy." As I argued a few days ago, the domestic political situation does not look favorably upon McCain's steadfast support for the war and his refusal, to date, to offer any new thinking or strategies aimed at ending the U.S. military engagement in that country.From a partisan Republican perspective, I cannot understand McCain's decision to stake so much of his presidential hopes on maintaining the Bush Administration's approach to the Iraq War.   After all, the American people resoundingly repudiated the Republican Party in the 2006 midterm elections...(Read Full Post)