Why Did the Wheels Come off Hillary's Campaign?

The inimitable Dick Morris has an answer to that question and Hillary won't like it; she is basically an unattractive candidate:In the abstract, Hillary is a captivating idea. The first woman to run for president, she is the living reminder of the better economic times and international peace of the Clinton administration. But, up close and personal, she is far less attractive. As the rest of the country is exposed to the former first lady, if they emulate the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire and revise their opinion of her, the results will not please the Clinton camp.I guess to know her is to feel nauseaus. That's not all. From a purely practical political standpoint, Morris doesn't think Hillary's campaign machine is up to the task: The conclusion is obvious: neither Hillary nor her staff know how to campaign. After the Clinton re-election in 1996, they have never been tested in a competitive race. When Giuliani dropped out of the New York State Senate race and the young...(Read Full Post)