Food Nannies Ban Holiday Cupcakes at School

The majority of Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of bans on smoking in public including restaurants and bars. In fact, the banning of smoking has been one of the most successful citizen-led public health campaigns in history.Regardless of what you can say about the health benefits of banning tobacco, the fact of the matter is that at bottom, it is the state regulating behavior - a questionable function of government in a democracy.Now we have the growing movement, fueled by an obesity panic, to regulate the kinds of foods we are allowed to eat. The movement has targeted children - spurred by a law that requires schools to alter the nutrition habits of kids - and is being pushed by that segment of our society that gets enormous pleasure out of telling others how to live their lives.The latest manifestation of the nannie's efforts to control what we put in our mouths is the banning of Holiday cupcakes at schools:The once ubiquitous cupcake, iced to perfection and...(Read Full Post)