Chris Matthews' Alternate Universe

Dispatch from the people who live in glass houses front -- during his annual "let's laugh at this year's gaffes" fest, Chris Matthews ultimately managed to out-gaffe the competition.On yesterday's show, Chris and friends had a blast dissecting the year's best and worst political moments, particularly in the form of side-splitting verbal howlers. From Rudy's acceptance of his wife's phone call while addressing the NRA to Romney's use of the word "varmints" in describing his hunting prey to Alberto Gonzales's numerous recollection problems, Republicans appeared quite the laughing-stock. Not surprisingly, Matthews himself offered as the year's best one-liner "the time President Bush was praising his education program for ‘childrens,' with an S."  The smug host was referring, of course, to the president's September speech to New York educators in which he said:"As yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are...(Read Full Post)