Unions supplying anti-war demonstrators at Walter Reed?

For some time Code Pink has been demonstrating against the war outside Walter Reed Hospital, to the great distress of the wounded soldiers and their families. This is simply unconscionable. Who are these people?Brave counter-demonstrators have shown up regularly and voluntarily to show their support for the troops, and the Code-Pink crowd has dwindled. Among the regulars holding up the line for Code Pink is Bruce Wolfe, of  local 2 of the Office and Professional Employees Union,  who's called the soldiers "scabs". One of the counter-demonstrators reports:This week, one of their newbies came by our troop-support rally at the gates by mistake, and spilled the truth: a labor union had recruited this worker to show up at the lefties' phony "vigil." The worker's remarks clearly revealed that standing outside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center with anti-war signs wasn't a personal choice, but a workplace commitment demanded by a union representative....(Read Full Post)