Orange Coalition Appears Headed for Victory in Ukraine

After several fitful starts and stops where the major players in the pro-democracy Orange Coalition had a falling out and a pro-Russian government derailed efforts to bring Ukraine closer to the west, the latest parliamentary voting appears to have brought victory to a newly energized "Orange Revolution:"A pro-Western democratic coalition appeared headed for victory in parliamentary elections yesterday, dominating a vote that will decide finally whether the country aligns itself with Russia or the West. But the narrow margin and complex balance of parties suggest a difficult period of coalition-building will be needed before the winners can press ahead with reforms promised during the 2004 Orange Revolution. "No one can make less of or demean the victory for the country," said a triumphant opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko after the release of exit polls showing she and her coalition partners would have enough seats to form a government. "Hurray, all is...(Read Full Post)