Biting the Hand that Feeds on You

It appears that Democratic hypocrisy knows no bounds.According to Politico, 44 Democratic House members who voted to condemn Moveon.Org's ad smearing General Petreaus took cash from the liberal group:Forty-four congressional Democrats who voted to condemn for its ad branding Army Gen. David Petraeus "General Betray Us" have accepted more than $3.9 million in contributions from the influential anti-war group and its members. Among those who opposed resolutions specifically repudiating the full-page ad in The New York Times, only 17 Democrats and one independent took cash from the group and its members — contributions totaling almost $1.4 million. The resolutions approved by the House, calling the ad an “unwarranted personal attack,” were only symbolic. But the split of MoveOn beneficiaries on the votes highlights something of a rift between Democrats and the anti-war activists who largely fuel MoveOn. A Politico analysis of MoveOn’s campaign...(Read Full Post)