Will hell-for-Hill break out? (updated)

Blogger Doug Ross brings us up to speed on what promises to be one of the most important political stories of the coming presidential election, one that (surprise!) the dominant media have been doing their best to ignore. Most people haven't been following the Peter Paul case, but it is possible Hillary Clinton will be put in a very serious position of legal jeopardy. And it could break loose during the campaign, either before or after the nomination.Now a civil case brought by Clinton fundraiser Peter Paul threatens to dismantle's Hillary's hard-won reputation for evading legal jeopardy. According to insiders, on Sept. 17, 2007 the appellate court will rule whether Hillary will be included as a defendant in the case. No matter the outcome, though, she will be forced to testify under oath regarding the fundraising for her 2000 Senate campaign. Said testimony could be a heavy duty no-win situation for Hillary. There is felony election fraud at stake and Peter Paul claims to have the...(Read Full Post)