Circumcision touted as AIDS preventative

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that circumcision has been shown to reduce to probability of AIDS infection by as much as 60% in males. U.N. health authorities officially endorsed circumcision Wednesday as an effective means of curbing the spread of AIDS among heterosexual men, laying the groundwork for a widespread expansion of the procedure in Africa, where studies suggest it could eventually save millions of lives....The formal pronouncement Wednesday follows the release in the last year of three major African studies showing that circumcision reduces the risk of infection in adult males by 60 percent. By comparison, researchers would consider an HIV vaccine conferring only 30 percent protection a success -- but prospects for achieving even that modest goal are dim. I reproduce the following paragraph verbatim. AIDS is no joke, and it is almost but not quite April 1st. Still, it does seem a but unreal:"The evidence is now quite conclusive,'' said Dr. Kevin De Cock,...(Read Full Post)