Trivializing anti-Semitism

The Associated Press reported that "Republican Mitt Romney's choice of a museum honoring auto pioneer Henry Ford as the site of his presidential announcement was strongly criticized Monday by Jewish Democrats, who noted Ford's history of anti-Semitism."And Hitler loved puppy dogs, so dog lovers must be suspect as well. At least, if they are Republican dog lovers. In a world where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust, while rushing to prepare a second, nuclear one, and Leftist Noam Chomsky travels to Lebanon to congratulate  Tehran's favorite Hezbollah puppet just before he kills more than one hundred Jewish civilians in Israel, in a world where the Left is again holding hands with fascists (this time around, Islamist ones), it is a disaster to trivialize the charge of anti-Semitism. Ferocious hatred of Jews or Blacks is a lot more serious than that. Political demagogues exploit that hatred for their own uses, and make it much worse. To use racism or anti-Semitism to...(Read Full Post)