The Brazil-ethanol scam

Our friends at Investors Business Daily continue to publish one of the very best collections of editorial comment anywhere, and they demonstrate that here once again. Bill Clinton is shilling for California's Poposition 87 alternative energy boondoggle and using Brazil as an example of a country that achieved "energy independence" via ethanol. This is an outright lie, a villanous scam. I always knew that the claims touted for Brazil being "independent of imported oil" because of ethanol were bogus, in part because I know how much land it takes to grow any crop in sufficient quantity to produce meaningful amopunts of ethanol and I know how much energy it requires to transport and process the crops into liquid energy products. I also knew that Brazil was achieving some success in offshore drilling. To expect this degree of knowledge and intelligence from, say, the New York Times editorial board would be foolish. They are preoccupied with loftier concerns than such technical matters,...(Read Full Post)