Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks more sense...

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia and grew up in the Netherlands, where she became an extraordinarily talented (and beautiful) commentator on the biggest problem confronting Europe: How to survive Islamic totalitarianism (as she calls it). The Dutch got very nervous about Hirsi Ali, even after she was elected to Parliament. She was ordered to be deported from the country for fudging her refugee status —— an action that was quickly reversed after she left. In the upshot Hirsi Ali was not allowed  to give her message in "liberal" Holland, but the American Enterprise Institute recognized an extraordinary opportunity and hired her as an AEI Fellow. They scored a hit. In an outstanding column in the Los Angeles Times, Hirsi Ali sums up all the immigration dilemmas facing Europe, and presents a sensible plan to deal with them. First, controlled or planned immigration. Second, an intervention, sometimes proactive, in Europe's neighboring states or in failed states with...(Read Full Post)