The Iranian regime hates Jews. Ho-hum.

Sometimes it is actually better to sit back and let deranged idiots strut their stuff. Ummah News Links brings us word of the opening of an exhibit in Tehran "of more than 200 cartoons about the Holocaust opened today as Iran's response to last year's Muslim outrage over a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper." The rationale? The sponsoring newspaper "said it wanted to test the West's tolerance for drawings about the Nazi killing of six million Jews in the Second World War. " Okay. The last I noticed, the "Jewish street" or the "American street" are not seething with rage over this insult. We already know they are Holocaust—deniers whose leader wants to erase Israel from the map. If they want to be jerks in their own country, fine by us. They are now demonstrating their petty rage. Nobody really notices or cares for this redundant information, or for their cartoonish attempt at revenge. They have tested our tolerance and found it ample. They could learn a...(Read Full Post)