Muddled thinking from David Ignatius

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius believes that the lessons to be learned from the 1973 Yom Kippur War and the peace efforts that followed can be simplistically summarized as: the Egyptians needed a measure of self—respect derived from some kind of victory over Israel and that Israel needed to be humbled by a defeat to be prepared to make peace. This is not a formula for success with Hezbollah. Egypt wanted the Sinai desert to be returned to Egypt after it was captured in the 1967 War. Anwar Sadat was driven by nationalistic reasons: to make Egypt "whole" and to gain a measure of renown in the Arab world for attacking Israel.  He did not expect to defeat Israel and win the entire Sinai back in battle, but to win a few miles of the desert, and then through negotiations get more back. By this point in time, Sadat had given up on Nasser's goal of destroying Israel. Hezbollah has made clear that their goal is the elimination of Israel and they are driven by religious...(Read Full Post)