Lie detector catches another one

Dan Riehl is a master at exposing media lies, and  he has caught yet another big one: There's a story just starting to make the rounds of the MSM outlets — that Israel is targeting ambulances. You can find it mentioned in the New York Times, the Guardian and several more outlets. But it appears our friends from ... wait for it, that's right, Qana, may be up to some new tricks. The story goes that the Israelis struck two ambulances, injuring nine people, severing one man's leg. There's only one problem; it looks as though it isn't true. The source of the disinformation in this case seems to have been a Lebanese Red Cross worker caught by his own inconsistencies, reports by the Red Cross and independent photographs.  The NYT and Guardian weren't the only media outlets taken in.  " Time sure loved the story. The Boston Globe made four stories out of it. It's even a Yahoo favorite photo." Clarice Feldman   8 02 06 Ethel Fenig adds: There is a twisted,...(Read Full Post)