Iran complains of press bias

Via Ummah News Links, we learn that Iran's embassy in Canada does not like the press coverage of the war in Lebanon: ...we are disappointed at the way facts have been presented in order to sway public opinion toward an anti—Muslim, anti—Iran mindset. It is unfortunate the media has chosen to report the situation through bigoted and preconceived ideas, invariably involving the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has absolutely no role in the current tragedy. This kind of sensationalism is only providing fuel to the fire in an already catastrophic situation and is abetting the Israeli regime in carrying out crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing of the Muslims of Lebanon and Palestine, besides destroying their economic infrastructures to carve out a so—called new Middle East. Isarel is home to a million or so Muslims. How many Jews live in Iran? In Lebanon? There used to be quite a few. So who exactly uses ethnic cleansing? 7 29 06(Read Full Post)