Human shields

Unlike Hezbollah which deliberately targets civilains, the IDF has worked hard to minimize civlian casualties in southern Lebanon by , among other things, dropping fliers urging non—combatant civilians to leave. Hezbollah, however, is determined to use the people of Lebanon as a human shield: The IDF has found that Hizbullah is preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon. Roadblocks have been set up outside some of the villages to prevent residents from leaving, while in other villages Hizbullah is preventing UN representatives from entering, who are trying to help residents leave. In two villages, exchanges of fire between residents and Hizbullah have broken out. Speaking of human shields, why aren't the brave folks who stood between us and Saddam t in Afula or Safed or Haifa or Kiryat Shemona? Clarice Feldman  7 18 06(Read Full Post)