The broken left wing

Conservative bloggers' response to leftist blogger Maryscott O' Connor, who was featured in a prominent Washington Post front page article yesterday titled "The Left, Online and Outraged,"  has been not surprisingly, and perhaps deservingly so, brutal (see here, here, here, here, and here). However, in all fairness, consider what would have been the right's reaction had the Supreme Court ruled in a manner that enabled Al Gore instead of George W. Bush, to win the 2000 Presidential election. There is not a single person on the right that can convince me that conservatives' reaction would have been anything but furious outrage. Hence, the Left's outrage stems in part from the bitter pill of the 2000 Presidential election outcome. The key operative words here being "in part." Reading through the entire piece by the Post's David Finkel, one comes away with the impression that Mrs. O' Connor and the other leftists cited in the article apparently suffer from arrested development....(Read Full Post)