Reader letter

AT just received the following letter and we are passing it on. Absent assume the writer is who he claims he is, but have not had an opportunity to independently authenticate it. It does make sense. My name is Ray Robison and I am a former member of the Iraqi Survey Group. I served as a contractor at the Qatar Combined Media Processing Center (CMPC) in Qatar from May 2004 until May 2005. Recently some tapes purported to be of Saddam Hussein in secret meetings with his staff have been released and aired by ABC news and Nightline. As I have read, the tapes were in the position of John Loftus and were given to him by Bill Tierney which he obtained while working as a Linguist for the FBI. I am writing to address the question of authenticity of the tapes. While working with ISG, I worked in the media section. Our job was to document, digitize, and provide triage level analysis of captured audio and video from Iraq. I do not know Mr. Tierney of Mr. Loftus and thus in no way endorse them in...(Read Full Post)